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"We were fully aware of the fact that our twins would be the first babies in the world to receive this treatment in utero," Corinna said.

A sign at a Planned Parenthood Clinic is pictured in Oklahoma City, in 2015.

Sue Ogrocki/AP

The White House is expected to announce as early as Friday that it is reviving a rule first proposed during the Reagan administration that bars groups who provide abortions, discuss the procedure or refer patients for abortions from receiving federal family planning funds, a Trump administration has confirmed.

The proposed regulation would apply to Title X, the federal program that provides 0 million annually for contraception, screenings for sexually transmitted diseases, and other reproductive health services to millions of low-income people, according to the White House official, who asked not to be named.

The rule change would put Planned Parenthood back in the cross-hairs after repeated attempts by congressional Republicans to de-fund the family planning group, which also provides abortions, but says the federal money it receives does not go toward paying for the procedures.

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